Bill H. R. 5087 “Assault Weapons Ban of 2018’’

Have you heard about this nonsense?

This would be the start of the end of what 2A is for me. Protection from a tyrannical government and of those who choose to do harm to my family or any other citizen. I swore an oath, “that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Even after I retire, I will still swear to do the same…every single day.

The Second Amendment was written because the country had just fought off the government that was trying to rule us. Yes the weapons of the time were slow to reload and accurate out to, well I could probably be more accurate with a slingshot. But it does not mention types of weapons in the 2A. That is because the authors were smarter than you and I put together. They protected themselves at that time with comparable weapons to that of the government. For those that aren’t keeping up, that other government was the British.

So, if the citizens of this great country give up the multitude of weapons listed in this Bill, then so should the government. That includes governments at all levels, Municipal through Federal. If the government ever decides (OMG I hope not) to come and take away my rights with semi autos and “assault” (which is a verb and a noun, not an adjective) rifles, I WILL be equally matched. Just as my forefathers were. And by forefathers I literally mean my cousin, General George Washington.

I have sweat, fought, bled, and been almost killed in multiple countries for the right of all U.S. CITIZENS to whine and protest, but also for mine and my family’s rights as well. I WILL NOT allow my freedoms nor any other of my compatriot’s rights to be stripped away.

Once we as a nation start down this road, it will not stop. When the next tragedy happens with a shotgun obtained legally by a citizen, are we going to take away my shotguns? Destroy my capability of enjoying my right to hunt ducks? Or take away my pistols because someone decided to shoot up a location with pistols that were legal? Will the government take away my pocket knives because a person used one to stab 10 people? Where does it stop?

Automatic weapons are already illegal. Barrel lengths are already regulated. Background checks already happen. A person can’t just walk in, throw some cash down, buy a gun, and walk out. It’s an annoying process that takes more time than most people think. There IS a background check but not everyone that is supposed to be in it, is.

Law abiding gun owners aren’t the problem. Leave the laws alone. Instead, let’s focus on ensuring those who need to be in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) are actually input in to the system and fix the problems identified by the FBI. Checkout the article in this link.

Too quick are we, as a nation, to make an irrational, band-aid solution and disregard the real problem. What is driving these people to commit these horrific crimes? The use of a gun to carry out an act of violence is not the problem, yet just a means to act on a symptom of the problem.

If you continually blow a fuse in your car you don’t just keep replacing fuses, you figure out why the fuse is blowing and fix that problem. Do you ban the electrical current that caused the fuse to blow? No, that would be silly.

Same thing with the violence problem. A gun is a tool. A knife is a tool. An assault is an action. A person can assault a hospital with a bull whip. Does that make the bull whip that the person used an “assault whip”? No. It is just a tool being used to act on a symptom created by another issue.

And then there is the whole “Assault Style Weapon” thing. I am going to prove a point that this bill is incorrect in its definition of the “Assault Style”. One of the legal shotguns listed is a Mossberg 500. This was my weapon of choice when conducting…wait for it….AN ASSAULT in an urban environment. (The exact same type of shotgun that I use for duck and dove hunting). It was not my M4 (which the barrel length makes it illegal). Not my “legal” M9 pistol (Beretta 92F in the civilian world). In fact, I’ve taken down more “hostiles” assaulting with my flashlight than anything. Want to make those illegal too? They could blind someone or give them an eye strain.

Bottom line is, unless a person gives up another right from the constitution then leave them alone. If not, let’s get rid of a couple of more from the Bill of Rights.

Amendment 3 – lets get rid of that one so my buddies and I can just come to your house and crash whenever we’d like, you know, because we are Soldiers.

Amendment 4 – now you and your property can be searched without a warrant.

Amendment 5 – now you can’t “plead the fifth”

Amendment 10 – now the Federal Government has all the jurisdiction and not the States.

All is this sounds silly, right? This is how I feel about taking away my right to bear arms.

I often get asked “why do you need an AR-15?” I don’t, but my rights say that I can have one. Then I correct them by letting them know it is not a matter need but of want.

  1. To be as equally matched against evil doers and/or a tyrannical government.
  2. A 30 round magazine is really nice to have when you are shooting feral or wild pigs. There are a lot of them that need to be eradicated and when they charge, I want to put all 30 rounds in it til it stops. Those tusks are really sharp.

I have voiced my opinion on this at length now. I only hope that people understand that if we take guns away from law abiding citizens, a few things are likely to happen. A civil war. Only bad guys will have the guns that are banned and have an advantage to a law abiding citizen. And most importantly to me, it will be the beginning of the end of our Great Nation that was fought for by one of my Grandfathers who was wounded in Normandy by Germans, another that fought in the Pacific in the Navy, and me, being wounded in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

And stop bullying! That may have something to do with it….just sayin’.

God Bless America!

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