“But think about the women and children”

Wait, what women and children? Oh yeah, they’re headed back to Honduras. This group of people is not a caravan. It is a Mob. An unruly, inconsiderate, disruptive, selfish, ungrateful MOB. They are no different than the rioters that destroy everything.

As someone who served this country for over 20 years, I refuse to stand idly by as this group of thugs tries to enter the nation that I so love.

This is not the behavior of immigrants. This is the behavior of people who didn’t get what they wanted and are trying to exploit the generosity that our country gives. They do NOT share our values.

If they were really fleeing persecution and violence, why would they inflict the same actions upon the countries they are “guests” in.

They were given opportunities to work in Mexico and turned it down. I thought they were looking for a better life?

Living in a border town I see some of the hardest working immigrants that came here legally. They work extremely hard for the right to gain citizenship. They did not come to this country like this MOB.

I catch people all the time trying to breach or climb over the fence while hunting. The border patrol is stretched so thin, they have to enlist the assistance of off-duty sheriff deputies to assist them catching all the people crossing illegally.

What is going to happen when these people get to our border? Will we just let them through? Do you really think they will patiently wait at the Ports of Entry? How many will actually use the POEs and not bypass the border fence altogether?

Some have tried to compare these groups to those that emigrated here from Europe over 100 years ago. The problem with that comparison is that they did not try to come here violently, destroying everything they touch.

I wish these people well, however, I truly hope that when they get to Mexico City, that they stop. There will be no good for them if they come here.

The potential for this to become a major catastrophe is high, and it is real. It will forever change our nation, and we may not recover from it.

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